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2017-01-20 19:38:53 by sirtasket

New year, new start u<u9 Finally making this post, but anyway It's time to get back on newgrounds n crank some shiznaz out. I plan on redeeming myself for not posting in like a year or two, and hopefully at least get one animation done this year. Can't promise I willllll-BUT I do promise to get back to posting art again. Cause I miss newgrounds, and I needa get back to bussiness here~ So yea, expect more art from me this year and to come~!

Animations talk~

2015-03-16 19:42:25 by sirtasket

Alright it has been a few months since my first animation. And I was looking forward to making a bunch more within these past months. But some personal problems came up, and screwed me over at making stuff! But now im starting to get back on track with my drawing and animation. This may be held up for animations for a little longer though because of space issues, But ill try to get onto animations as soon as possible!! >A<

But in the meantime along with drawing so i can stay in check. Iv been thinking of some animation series. One I cant talk about yet cause I dont plan on doing anything with it for some time. and i dont even know if ill be able tooo! Awh who am I kidding, Of course I can~ xD maybe... But anyways, the other series has already started and its "A thing" series! :D .... Shut up thats all I got ;-; anyways, Its just a series where I take something and list some and or most of the funny and stupid crap a game (preferably) or of some other uh genre of things.... If thats even the right wording .-. And I just moosh them all together into a hopefully funny short "cartoon" 'x' Although this revelation of this series came after i had made and released "A Resident Evil Thing" I still plan on keeping the hopefully to come, next part of a resdient whatever thing, the same. Without the new series idea integrated, maybe. Or actually idk, maybe I should o.o; Idk, let me think it over. But uh, I hope you liked this little update. I may do them more often. But anyways, gotta go. BYE! 0A0

My name, is Sir Tasket!

2014-02-19 19:50:57 by sirtasket

Hello! My name is Sir Tasket :0